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What Angela saw when she opened the door of their home 15 minutes later should remain private, save to say she is forever grateful she that some hidden instinct had made her enter the house first that evening, instead of the children running ahead of her as they normally did. ‘Initially, I told them Daddy had an accident in his car.

Breaking the news of their father’s death to her sons was particularly hard. It took many years, and many questions, before I told them the truth.

The Financial Conduct Authority will announce on Monday it will review historic policies worth an estimated £150billion that were sold by insurance companies between the 1970s and 2000 amid concerns they exploit policy-holders and are used to prop up company profits.

Shares in major insurers, including Aviva, Prudential and Legal and General, tumbled after comments from the FCA's Chris Adamson were reported this morning, just a week after stocks dived in the wake of George Osborne's proposed revamp of the retirement market.

But he had no history of mental illness, and with a steady job as a chef, had no money worries or dark secrets threatening to surface.

He also had a solid relationship with his childhood sweetheart, and two sons, then aged three and 13.

” Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of mental health charity SANE, says that the stigma still attached to mental illness means that many sufferers keep their silence.

Many of the products were sold by doorstep salesmen working on commission, and concerns have grown that loyal policyholders sold the products are not being given the same priority or levels of service as new customers.The savings provider said the problem is totally unrelated to a technical issue in February last year, where printing errors saw some tax-free prizes addressed to the wrong people, sparking chaos.Some 1.3m Premium Bond prizes were delayed for nearly a month, with NS&I insisting wouldn't happen again.Shortly after this, her partner of 14 years, Mark Dewhurst, committed suicide, hanging himself in the hallway of their home on the Wirral. It was Angela who found his body when she got home for that cup of tea.In the years of anguish that followed, no explanation ever surfaced as to why this ‘happy and ordinary’ 31-year-old father of two would end his life.

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