Shake my world dating chat

Or you can do what I did, picking up messages-in-bottles from a stranger around the world.

I am not a game person, but I find it amazing that there are games available on We Chat.

There are many fun features including text and voice messaging, stickers, voice/video call, share insight (record up to 6 seconds live video), send red packet (gifting), transfer money (similar to Paypal, Apple Pay), share location, create group chat and invite people to join.

Tens of millions of users send Red Packets (red envelopes) stuffed with digital cash to each other every day on We Chat.

For example, Mc Donald’s China was the first to join in We Chat payment integration in 2015.

Now, 30% customers of Mc Donald’s made payment using We Chat.

According to, this is the first time that top-end bags have been sold through We Chat.

It is a combination of Whats App, Facebook, Skype, Amazon and much more.It touches everything from consumers communicating with friends, to sharing their daily moments, to buying everything from food and paying credit card bills.It’s IM, ecommerce, banking, dating, gaming and marketing rolled into one platform, where you can shop, order food, book doctor appointments, find parking spots nearby, book hotels, hire maid/nanny/babysitter, hail a taxi and so on.It is mostly used for the daily news and information broadcast.Companies can create interesting, useful and relevant content and show new products and offers to members, to attract and retain users.

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