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Although you can feel angry at Youngmin, I think it’s a fan’s heart to feel worried at the same time.

At the age of 23, after failing multiple auditions, he came out on Produce 101 as his last chance at the year he was planning to go to the army.

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Thanks for reading this long post and I understand the hearts of fans who left because they were upset, so I hope that you don’t think of it in too much of a twisted way. I hope Youngmin can know that they are many fans like this.” “All of us, who are still here, will bound together tightly and debut you no matter what.” “Let’s all gather together ㅜㅜ” “I felt myself tear up reading this.

Other trainees are also all desperate and work hard, so I hope they could all do well.

But for Youngmin to get buried here and sink away, it’s too much of a waste. The one thing I can be certain about is that people who will leave will leave, and people who will stay will stay, but he would never do anything that would shame the people who stay. I feel like there are too many people who are thinking about it complacently.

After his dating rumors and Lovestagram incidents all happened, there’s nothing we are certain about right now.

Although I understand being upset and sad at Youngmin, too harsh of comments or sexual comments will not only hurt Youngmin’s family, but will also hurt Youngmin himself and fans who believe in Youngmin.

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