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They were made over a long period and furnish direct evidence for the writing habits, religious ideas, and culture of those who scratched them on walls and tombs.A number of Christian Latin inscriptions found in Rome are written in Greek letters, and some Greek inscriptions were composed by Latin speakers or for Latin speakers.Outside of Rome the largest number of Christian Latin inscriptions have been found in Gaul, Africa, the rest of Italy, and Spain.Those from Africa and Gaul are especially important for their rich content.In contrast, the range of Christian inscriptions is limited.

By convention, legends on coins are not included, as they fall within the province of a sister discipline, numismatics. Christian epigraphy, which is primarily concerned with inscriptions written in Greek or Latin, deals with writings on hard materials that can be recognized as being Christian in origin and that fall within the period from the 2d to the 7th century.

The assignment of dates to undated Christian inscriptions is difficult.

However, the converging evidence of letter forms, formulas, and, above all, accompanying archeological evidence, especially Christian symbols, often make approximate dating reasonably certain.

This explains in part why a Christian inscription is occasionally found on a slab bearing the conventional pagan dedication DM (Dis manibus ).

The Christian graffiti of Rome especially are very important.

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