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He is very leggy, he's good in the air, he competes, he always gets a toe in.'He can run, he’s very aggressive with the ball and without the ball, he can burst past you with it and he can catch you. I think out of all the Manchester United players I've seen them sign over the last couple of years, he's the one I thought "Oh no, I hope not" so very disappointed about that as a Liverpool fan.’ Matic joined United for £40m having helped Antonio Conte's Chelsea win the Premier League title in 2016-17.

In the past, Len has opened the Strat-o-Shack for short periods as he’s offered other bits of his work, but closed down the download opportunity soon thereafter.

His contributions, particularly to the computer version of the game have been expansive in scope and meticulous in detail and he’s generously shared with the community some of his greatest work.

for the computer version AND, more importantly to me, as a carded version available to download and print yourself.

Hero-O-Matic é um site onde você monta seu próprio super herói.

Você escolhe o molde do herói, roupa, olhos, nariz, cabelo, arma, acessórios como mascaras, poderes e muito mais.

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