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Cézanne’s inspiration, this elegant city is almost otherworldly in its beauty, with honey-coloured buildings and limestone mountains.As well as providing fuel for the painter’s imagination, its surrounding areas have also captured the attention of some big names in cinema.Written and directed by Woody Allen, this tale of an unfulfilled screenwriter following his dream is a sweetly nostalgic watch, flitting from present day to the Roaring Twenties.It graces such venues as Paul on the Place Dauphine, Le Bristol, Le Musée Rodin and Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church. So hop to it and step into the (big) shoes of the silver screen’s greats.Le Café des 2 Moulins, a real bistro in Montmartre, is the kind-hearted heroine’s workplace. Fans can dine surrounded by the distinctive red and gold décor, while a film poster reminds them exactly where they are, Tautou’s twinkling eyes surveying her legacy.Another well-loved title, , briefly dips into Julien, an Art Nouveau brasserie in the 10th arrondissement.However, perhaps the city’s best-known role was in Luc Besson’s ludicrously fun action-comedy flick.

In short, Strasbourg is a mixed bag full of treats.

In 1971, viewers were transported to a gritty Marseille in , complete with a drug-smuggling syndicate and gun-toting detective.

This was, of course, a dramatisation of a very real scheme that lasted from the 1930s right through to the ’70s, as criminals monopolised Marseille’s port to ship heroin to the US.

The luxurious Hotel Regina, also in the coveted 1st arrondissement, has certainly caught the discerning eye of high-profile filmmakers over the decades.

It has featured most notably in Stephen Frears’s was set chiefly in the titular city.

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